Psionic Technology & Magick

I like to think psionic technology is the next evolutionary step in implementing “magickal” effects upon reality. As our technologies advance and brain-machine interfaces become a steady reality, perhaps we will find ourselves casting spells with mere thought without the need to employ robes, candles, wands, or any other paraphernalia outside of our psychocosmic spheres. Magick has gone through many periods of implementation and evolution of theories surrounding how to get it to work, and why it works. With these, all sorts of symbolic systems and paradigms emerged — often tied in with cosmological theories regarding existence. The final frontier appears to be psionics and panpsychism. Sufficiently advanced brain-machine interfaces should allow us to affect physics, biology, and chemistry enough to do stuff that would be truly magickal, and far beyond what present-day mages can do or even dream of.

Advanced BMIs might allow us to consciously connect with the fundamental properties of this reality to the extent that the universe could become highly malleable via conscious thought. I think panpsychism will become the prime philosophy explaining the nature of reality when (if) such psionic technologies become available. Psychedelics such as Golden Teacher already create altered states of consciousness that create a perspective of oneness with reality, and that all things are connected. BMIs might very well allow us to experience the same, and with the ability to control the process of communicating with all aspects of reality in magnificent ways.

For now, it looks like certain crystals and stones have immense value as psionic technologies. I met a crystal healer and Reiki practitioner who has an incredible selection of crystals and stones, and I’m pretty amazed at how they facilitate performing psychic feats and conducting magickal practices. Of course, Chaos Magick utilizes random belief/belief engineering to achieve valuable and desired results with regard to shaping reality. However, crystals and stones seem to possess inherent properties that enhance parapsychological work whether one believes in their ability to do so or not. I perused the selection of crystals and stones in possession of the aforementioned individual, and was quite astonished at how I would either receive electrical shocks, feel fiery sensations, or have clairvoyant visions without doing anything to elicit such.

Furthermore, I used some of the crystals and stones in my ritual work and can say that the perception and results from such workings were enhanced by the presence of the minerals. Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Sun Stone, and my personal favorite — Moldavite — all have given me extraordinary experiences without having to employ gnosis, sleight of mind, or any other Chaos Magick techniques for enchantment and divination. Black Tourmaline appears to be very useful for achieving conscious astral projection, a psychic feat that is often hit-or-miss when trying to perform consistently.
It also seems that biomagnetism might play a part in effectively performing magick, especially when amplified and focused toward creating a psychic effect, using certain minerals. I will consult with those engaged in theoretical magick and discuss the matter of biomagnetism as a consequence of effectively performing our beloved science.

Before BMIs become a reality, I think utilizing crystals and stones as psionic technologies could prove to be worthwhile. Wands, altars, and altar tools made of these minerals appear to be superior to using objects made of other materials. Perhaps a talented mage could create a wand made of a particular crystal and augment it with a metal (for focused conductivity of one’s magnetism) and test its effectiveness? I will consult with an Ouranian praeter-human intelligence known as Teftin to discover how to create such, and give it a go when time allows me to embark upon such a project.

Thoughts on this are welcome.

– Frater N.

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Thoughts on Simulation Theory and Existence

After engaging in magickal practices and consuming psychedelics over the years, I now strongly have the impression that this universe is a masterfully crafted simulation. Of course, I can’t know for sure, and I never 100% believe in anything unless it somehow adds value to what I want to achieve. But, if one were to ask me what I think is most probable concerning the nature of reality, I’d go with the whole simulation thing.

However, my take on it is more “magickal” than purely scientific. I think scientific conjectures concerning reality need to include elements of magickal theory to explain things such as psychic phenomena. Well, instead of magickal theory, I prefer to use the term psionic theory — or perhaps psiology. I started this blog to write about magickal technique and praxis, but I want to add a bit of panpsychic/psionic theory as well.

But yeah, I have a very, very, very strong suspicion that this universe is a simulation and we are essentially the avatars of beings residing in a higher dimensional sphere/world — perhaps in the 4th, 5th, or 6th spacial dimensions. Okay, before you go, “Whatever the hell this guy has been smoking, I’ll take three puffs!” let’s consider it for a bit.
We actually already use avatars ourselves to experience alternate realities and lives.

Video games are the prime examples I’m talking about here. We have 3D physical forms, but immerse ourselves in experiencing lower-dimensional 2D worlds as 2D avatars/characters. For example, in 2D platformer games like Super Mario or general 2D role-playing games. In those games, we control characters who have their own backstories, lives, reasons for “being”, likes, dislikes, ambitions, e.t.c., and we experience all such things through controlling them.

I suspect this reality is somewhat similar, but to an even more advanced degree.

Perhaps as higher dimensional beings existing in higher dimensional realities, we may want to experience life as a 3D being for some reason or the other. What we term as the “Higher Self” may very well be simply a psychic connection to our True Forms in higher dimensional realities.

On the other hand, our tech is advancing fast as hell, and there seems to be the possibility of experiencing so-called Full Dive Virtual Reality this century by utilizing advanced brain-machine interfacing technologies (Neuralink for example). Full Dive VR is essentially a technology that would supposedly allow one to enter a virtual world that would feel so real that it would be indistinguishable from reality. Using such a technology, one’s conscious experience would be fully immersed in the simulated world, and cut off from where one’s “real” self would be actually located — i.e., the “real” world. With this in mind, we could very well already exist in a future time period. We may simply be using advanced technologies to simulate and experience a period of history in the 21st Century when space travel, brain-machine interface technologies, and interplanetary colonization were being realized. Either something of the sort is likely, or our True Forms exist in higher dimensions and are controlling 3D avatars, via advanced psychic thought processes, to experience this reality.

Whatever the case, after the death of the physical form, I suspect one might “awaken” somewhere quite advanced and go about one’s business as usual — probably vowing to never try this again! I’d say this timeline, universe, and experience of self is highly unlikely to be the starting point of conscious experience, and is more likely to be a simulation — either via psionic technologies, some sort of advanced AI, or via higher-dimensional thought processes.

Well, I have an open mind about it all of course. I’d be interested in the opinions of other mages on this subject matter as well. I’ll start creating the section about psionics/psiology/panpsychism soon, which will delve more into the psychic conditions of reality, self, and magickal praxis.

Have a great day, and I hope the ongoing pandemic isn’t troubling you too much. Stay strong, and enchant powerfully.

– F. Novaturient

Extraterrestrial Workings: LAM

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work with extraterrestrial intelligences and psiology. Most of the interactions I’ve had with extraterrestrial intelligences occurred while under chemognosis, i.e., after consuming Golden Teacher shrooms. I have to say, nothing quite prepares you for interacting with these incredible beings. Many of them are incredibly beyond comprehension, and seem to possess manifestations of consciousness so expansive that I cannot say their minds are strictly tied to their “bodies”, but rather, expand beyond.

I’ve interacted with extraordinarily benevolent beings whose astral spheres were of such purity that they radiated love and peace to astonishing degrees. I have never encountered any extraterrestrial beings with “dark” characters, mainly because I take precautions before ingesting any psychedelics to ensure my psychocosm is as balanced as possible. I really like all sorts of space-related things and have always had a strong urge to investigate cosmological matters. Because of this, much of my magical practices involve planetary workings and a system of magic I’m working on called “Time Magic”—Time Magic works within the paradigmal beliefs of multiple timelines, multiple dimensions, and multiple selves existing within those timelines and/or dimensions who assist with stuff. Saturn/Chronos is the godform I interact with to discover theories and practices surrounding Time Magic.

But, I’ve also started working with Saturn in his aspect of the Demiurgos of this world. This is based on the cosmology of the Fraternitas Saturni. I’ve had extremely good results working with Saturn/Saturnus in this manner. My work with Saturn eventually resulted in a powerful volition to contact the extraterrestrial intelligence known as “LAM” who Aleister Crowley had apparently first contacted during 1918 in his Amalanthra rites. I used Somnial Gnosis last night to invoke Saturnus, after which the thought arose to contact LAM—and quite suddenly might I add. I read about LAM around twelve years ago when I had first ventured into magical practices, and never had a thought about this entity since that time—till last night.


I used Somnial Gnosis to contact LAM—right after invoking Saturnus—but fell asleep much too quickly before anything notable could occur. Yet still, I feel a strong urge to contact this entity. I will do so again tonight employing Somnial Gnosis once again, and will document the results.

– Frater N.

Somnial Gnosis

I’ve been having success with an altered state of consciousness I call “Somnial Gnosis”. The word somnial means that which relates to sleep and dreams. Somnial Gnosis is what I call the altered state of consciousness one enters into right before falling asleep, and this state appears to be perfect for successfully casting spells. Using this method, spells of invocation and illumination appear to have the quickest results, i.e., as soon as the state is entered into, one achieves contact with whatever intelligence or force is desired—or manifests whatever changes within oneself are desired.

I’ve found that divination is the second easiest magical technique to employ with Somnial Gnosis—but it’s only second to invocation/illumination because the revelations received might be convoluted with other stuff if one’s mind is not sufficiently calm. So, for divinations, proper preparation seems to be necessary to get good results (clearing the mind before sleep for example).

Enchantments are the third easiest (or hardest) to do in this way—on account of having to await results, which may take some time to manifest. Affecting reality outwardly often takes time to manifest no matter how one goes about it. I have not seen a difference in using Somnial Gnosis vs other forms of gnosis + spellcasting techniques to affect reality, not when it comes to getting results. To directly affect reality, I prefer evocations. Evocations are my thing. But, I have not tried evocations while under Somnial Gnosis.

The technique for spellcasting with Somnial Gnosis is simple. Lie on your back prior to sleep and allow yourself to fall asleep while reciting a mantra or visualizing a sigil over and over and over again. Eventually, you’ll achieve a trance state just before full-blown sleep happens, and there will be an explosion of psychic activity (in the case of invocation and illumination). Unfortunately, one has to not get startled too much by the experience otherwise it all ends quickly, but it is easy enough to make contact with the force or aspect of self once again. I recommend using mantras over sigils. I’ve found that visualizing sigils—especially complex ones—makes it harder to slip into that sweet spot of gnosis before sleep occurs. Visualizing a sigil while mentally reciting a mantra for a while, then focusing exclusively on the mantra works well for me.

But that’s it! To use Somnial Gnosis with rites of illumination and invocation—lie on your back (this seems to work best in practice rather than other positions), and recite a created mantra associated with invoking a force or creating some change within oneself. Just before sleep, one will have an explosion of psychic awareness of some entity, nexus of consciousness, or vision. Whatever you do, try not to get startled—but this is the hardest part. If you lose the psychic connection, simply do it again—this usally works. I have done this to interact with succubi, godforms, angels, goetic daemons and the Daimonion.

I’ll post a simple yet effective technique for conscious astral projection using Somnial Gnosis and the goetic daemon Seere in another post.

– Frater N.

Invocation of the Daimonion

Within a magickal paradigm I often adopt, the Daimonion represents the supreme magical self of every mage, but can also manifest as an entity separate to the mage. In the paradigm mentioned, the Daemonion manifests as a magickal jester of a so-called divine/holy nature and has qualities similar to those attributed to The Fool of the Tarot and the so-called Holy Guardian Angel in older magical traditions. But it is not a “higher self” as considered in older magickal traditions, but the supreme magical self (or an independent entity) connected to the mage. The Daimonion facilitates the manifestation of states of consciousness, and material glories, that allow the mage to become a complete individual. The Daimonion appears as either male, female, or androgynous — depending upon the peculiarities of the mage’s psyche, and will protect, counsel, and guide the mage throughout life.

Most importantly, the Daemonion will help the mage complete the Great Work. In this paradigm of magick, the Great Work is the attainment of Eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is a word of Greek origin that can be translated more-or-less to happiness, well-being, prosperity, and flourishing in general. To achieve Eudaimonia is to reach a penultimate state of personal glory, power, and perpetual joy of living — in all areas of life.

The philosophy surrounding Eudaimonia, according to this paradigm of magick, is that the mage who reaches such a state will lead a perfect life. Even non-mages can attain Eudaimonia, for it is a state where all inner and outer forces work in harmony with, rather than against, an individual. However, whatever this means is different for every individual. Whether it is achieving so-called transcendental consciousness, the acquisition of wealth, property, social status, or other things — it’s all a personal affair. The Daimonion will know what truly completes one’s existence, and the attainment of Eudaimonia comes through working with this self/entity. No magical system, religion, or philosophical school of thought can state as absolute and uncontested truth what is the right way for every individual to live. No ideology surmise, without room for debate, what will make every single person happy and truly fulfilled in life.

This is all a personal affair, as varied as the color of hair!

Many people seek to find meaning in their lives. Many seek to find true happiness and to enjoy an existence that is meaningful and sublime. Eudaimonia is a state that every human being is naturally inclined to effort toward, although few individuals have the tools at their disposal to achieve it. A lack of these tools is really no great fault of the individual, but rather, an unfortunate consequence of our so-called modern societies that kill the spirit, imagination, creativity, and will.

In this particular system, mages have a greater chance of attaining Eudaimonia via acknowledging and working with the Daimonion. The invocation of the Daimonion will give the mage impetus by way of inspiration, from the Daimonion, to do all those things that will lead to Eudaimonia. Also, the invocation naturally attracts and repels forces in operation within the mage’s life — such that a clear path to Eudaimonia can be adventured. Finally, the invocation will allow the mage to connect to, and adequately control various magical forces within and external to themselves.

The invocation can be performed prior to undertaking further acts of magic to ensure their success.

The Invocation of the Daimonion is a revised version of the Bornless Ritual with some Greek added in. For best results, perform the invocation at least twice per day, for example, in the morning upon awakening and just before retiring to bed. Performing it prior to bedtime can allow the mage to meet the Daimonion in its jester form in dreams. The Daimonion can guide the mage to quite interesting magical worlds, and also reveal the existence of fascinating dimensions beyond our own.

If the mage believes in extra-planetary reincarnation, the Daimonion can reveal other planets within the universe — far more advanced than Earth with respect to technology and conscious activity — that the mage can consider venturing to after the death of the physical body (or via astral projection), to reside upon. Again, what the Daimonion will reveal and confer to the mage is a very personal affair. In practice, it is best to keep these revelations private — even among one’s magickal peers.

The ritual is as follows:

Invocation of the Holy Jester-Mage/Daemonion

  1. Perform the Abracadabra Pentagram Ritual.

2. The mage will then assume the godform of the jester-mage: a glowing, white silhouette of light in the form of a jester. The mage will then recite the invocation as follows:

By the power of the Word of the Art: ABRACADABRA! Thee I invoke, my Supreme Daimonion. Hear me, Holy Jester-Mage!

Holy art thou, Magister of the Earth and the Cosmos:

Holy art thou, Magister of the Elements and the Planets.

Holy art thou, Magister of the Darkness and the Light.

Holy art thou, Magister of All Magic. 


Thee, I invoke, my Supreme Daemonion, my Magical Self. Holy art thou!

Thou art Gnosis, thee I invoke Daemonion!

Thou art Sophia, thee I invoke Daemonion!

Thou art Basileia, thee I invoke Daemonion!

Thou art Dynamis, thee I invoke Daemonion!

Thou art, Doxa, thee I invoke Daemonion!

Thou art Agathos Daimon, thee I invoke!


Hear Thou Me, Holy Jester-Mage! I call to thee to fully incarnate in me in perfect holy matrimony!

Hear Me: Ar: Thiao: Reibet: Atheleberseth: A: Blatha: Abeu: Eben: Phi: Chitasoe: Ib: Thiao.

Incarnate in me, and make all Spirits subject unto Me: so that every Spirit of the Firmament and of the Ether: upon the Earth and under the Earth: on dry Land and in the Water: of Whirling Air, and of rushing Fire: and every Spell and Scourge of ABRACADABRA may be obedient unto Me.

I invoke Thee, my Magical and Transcendent Self: Who dwellest in the magical dimension of my psyche: Arogogorobrao: Sochou: Modorio: Phalarchao: Ooo: Ape, my Supreme Daemonion, Holy Jester-Mage: incarnate in me!

I invoke thee: Roubriao: Mariodam: Balbnabaoth: Assalonai: Aphniao: I: Tholeth: Abrasax: Qeoou: Ischur, my Supreme Daemonion, Holy Jester-Mage: incarnate in me!

I invoke Thee: Ma: Barraio: Ioel: Kotha: Athorebalo: Abraoth: my Supreme Daemonion, Holy Jester-Mage: incarnate in me!

I invoke thee! Aoth: Aboth: Basum: Isak: Sabaoth: Iao:

Mighty Mysteria Magica Incarnate in me! 

I am the Holy Jester-Mage. 

I am Magister of the Earth and the Cosmos:

I am Magister of the Elements and the Planets.

I am Magister of the Darkness and the Light.

I am Magister of All Magic. 

I am Gnosis!

I am Sophia! 

I am Basileia!

I am Dynamis! 

I am Doxa! 

I am Agathos Daemon! 

Hear me! Ieou: Pur: Iou: Pur: Iaot: Iaeo: Ioou: Abrasax: Sabriam: Oo: Uu: Ede: Edu: ABRACADABRA: Lai: Gaia: Apa: Diachanna: Chorun.


EUDAEMONIA: Such are the Words!”

3. To end, perform the Abracadabra Pentagram Ritual.

That’s it, I hope every mage can use it to their benefit. Happy spellcasting!

– Frater Novaturient

The Abracadabra Pentagram Ritual

The Abracadabra Pentagram Ritual is a banishing ritual I perform prior to ritual work. The ritual is based around a magical paradigm I utilize where “Abracadabra” is the supreme word of power used for said ritual work, and is also considered the name of the magical consciousness pervading the universe — i.e. the supreme “God/Goddess”. In this system, Abracadabra is the Supreme Architect of the universe from which all things are ideated. Abracadabra is neither male nor female, light or dark, good or evil, but represents the unknowable magical principle from which all things come into being. Abracadabra is the source of consciousness and magic. It IS magic.

In this system, the entire universe is considered magical, and has varying levels of magical complexity and structure. By using the so-called Word of the Art (The “Art” being magic) Abracadabra, one can create change in the universe. The Word of the Art Abracadabra is the key to manifesting changes upon what we call reality.

The Word of the Art Abracadabra can be used for various works of enchantment, divination, invocation, evocation, illumination, and initiation. In this article, its use is for performing a banishing ritual for further magical work. In the first part of the ritual, the mage will transcribe a flaming octarine pentagram within their auric sphere as a lesser invocation of Abracadabra. What this does is infuse the mage with the very force of magic, which can be helpful in performing consequent magical operations. The formulated pentagram will also serve as an astral sigil of protection. Thus, more extreme forms of magical work may be undertaken without worry of magical mishaps causing psychic, mental, or physical harm. The formulated pentagram will also protect the mage while going about their daily affairs. Performing the ritual daily will offer general protection from harm and misfortune this way.

The ritual makes use of the so-called elemental pentagrams philosophized in several traditional magical traditions. Thus, the mage will banish the elemental forces of nature to create a “purified” ritual space to invoke desirable forces in, e.t.c. A diagram of the elemental pentagrams is given at the end of the ritual.

Ritual Procedure – Part 1

  • Stand upright, facing where you will.
  • Draw in a full breath and touch your right hand to the middle of your forehead with your fore and middle fingers. While exhaling, bring your hand down to your right hip while envisioning an octarine line being traced and intone “Aaah!”
  • While keeping your fore and middle fingers upon the right hip, draw in a full breath and bring your fingers from your right hip to your left shoulder while envisioning an octarine line being traced and intone “Braah!”
  • While keeping your fore and middle fingers upon the left shoulder, draw in a full breath and bring your fingers from your left shoulder to your right shoulder, while envisioning an octarine line being traced and intone “Kaaah!”
  • While keeping your fore and middle fingers upon the right shoulder, draw in a full breath and bring your fingers from your right shoulder to your left hip, while envisioning an octarine line being traced and intone “Daaah!”
  • While keeping your fore and middle fingers upon the left hip, draw in a full breath and bring your fingers from your left hip to your forehead, while envisioning an octarine line being traced and intone “Braah!”

*The result will be that you have formulated a flaming pentagram superimposed over the upper body. Imagine this pentagram flaming in brilliant octarine hue. The color octarine is the color of magic, and is different for every mage — whatever color looks like “magic” to you, can be used as octarine. If unsure, a brilliant white hue can be visualized. The formulated pentagram invokes the power of Abracadabra for success in further magical work, and also acts as an astral sigil of general protection from harm.  

  • Stand erect with hands hanging at your sides with palms facing front. Say “Within me is the star of Abracadabra. Within me is magic. I am magic.”

Ritual Procedure – Part 2

  • Draw in a deep breath. Extend the fore and middle fingers of your right hand outward and intone the Word of the Art “Abracadabra” while tracing the banishing pentagram of air. Each individual syllable of the Word of the Art should be recited while tracing the individual lines of the pentagram. Thus: Ahhh-Brahh-Kahh-Daaa-Braah.
  • Draw in a deep breath. Keep the right hand extended and do not let it drop. Turn counterclockwise while imagining an octarine line being traced from the rightmost point of the formulated pentagram till you have turned 90 degrees. Exhale and intone the Word of the Art “Abracadabra” while tracing the banishing pentagram of fire. Each individual syllable of the Word of the Art should be recited while tracing the individual lines of the pentagram. Thus: Ahhh-Brahh-Kahh-Daaa-Braah.
  • Draw in a deep breath. Keep the right hand extended and do not let it drop. Turn counterclockwise while imagining an octarine line being traced from the rightmost point of the formulated pentagram till you have turned 90 degrees. Exhale and intone the Word of the Art “Abracadabra” while tracing the banishing pentagram of water. Each individual syllable of the Word of the Art should be recited while tracing the individual lines of the pentagram. Thus: Ahhh-Brahh-Kahh-Daaa-Braah.
  • Draw in a deep breath. Keep the right hand extended and do not let it drop. Turn counterclockwise while imagining an octarine line being traced from the rightmost point of the formulated pentagram till you have turned 90 degrees. Exhale and intone the Word of the Art “Abracadabra” while tracing the banishing pentagram of earth. Each individual syllable of the Word of the Art should be recited while tracing the individual lines of the pentagram. Thus: Ahhh-Brahh-Kahh-Daaa-Braah.

*The result will be that you have formulated four flaming pentagrams. One in front of you, one at your right-hand side, one behind you, and one at your left-hand side. The pentagrams will be connected by a glowing octarine circle of light going through them.  

  • Stand erect with hands hanging at your sides with palms facing front. Say “Around me is the star of Abracadabra. Around me is magic. Begone the wild forces!”
  • Perform Ritual Procedure 1

Use this ritual liberally. Have fun spellcasting!

– Frater N.

Chemognosis: Golden Teacher Experience

I haven’t posted in a while. I’m pretty much waving my wand around constantly in response to this COVID-19 mess — it truly has been quite the test of the effectiveness of various magickal techniques and paradigms.

I’ll get to that later.

So, I tried Golden Teacher shrooms for the first time about two weeks ago and the results were profound. They certainly aren’t the sort of thing one should try and expect to control the experience, but nevertheless, they seem to open tremendous doors to other dimensions.

It appears as though having a preliminary goal in mind prior to taking such psychedelics is better than jumping right in willy-nilly — preparing the subconscious with an intent beforehand seems to form a good basis for having a great relevant experience. Yet still, such experiences seem to be much more significant than intended.

I’ve found that Golden Teacher is excellent for works of octarine magick — my most favored magickal paradigms were enhanced via the acquisition of interesting bits of knowledge disseminated by quite lovely beings.

As a mage, I first conducted extensive banishing rituals about the room prior to taking the GT, and prepared my microcosm with various energy raising techniques. Making use of thaumaturgy in this manner appears to create exceptionally balanced experiences, and seems to allow for making contact with extraordinarily benevolent beings.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, Middle Pillar, Rite of Elemental Equilibration, Rose Cross Ritual, Bornless Ritual, Watchtower Ritual, and Kundalini practice seem to be a very, very, very excellent magickal stack to achieve magnificent experiences.

That’s all for n… Oh, I should probably add a disclaimer to this, nay? Everything written here was to relay my anecdotal experience, I am not advocating for anyone to take any substances whatsoever.

Okay, now that I’ve been a good boy, I’ll end this little quip. Have fun spell casting!

The Egregore Maneki-Neko

I’m surprised more mages don’t work with the Egregore Maneki-Neko. It’s pretty damn awesome. First off, it’s fueled by the collective thoughts of millions of people worldwide, especially in Japan — so right off the bat you have a very powerful pre-made Egregore to work with at anytime. And trust me, it’s really easy to connect with it.

The Egregore has strong Jupiterian characteristics and is associated with basically everything that’s good — particularly manifesting fortune and luck to those who choose to work with it. Non-mages seem to have some good results from doing this. As for mages, the influences of fortune, luck, merriment, joy, good health, protection and other stuff it attracts to you can be enhanced via ritual work. I posted a ritual to do just that in my previous article.

An interesting thing about Maneki-Neko is that it actually doesn’t want anything in return to provide its assistance. It’s just super benevolent and helpful, and seems to delight in helping you out. The conjuration I gave does have offerings added in, but these don’t seem to make a difference at all when it comes to getting help from this awesome entity. My psychic faculties have developed considerably over the years to the extent where I am able to perceive psychic phenomenon without the use of heavy gnosis, and I’ve connected with Maneki-Neko this way considerably well. When manifested to me, it appears in anthropomorphic form as a white cat dressed in a red cape, adorned with a golden crown upon its head, and carrying a white wand with a golden pentagram at the end. It’s eyes appear to be closed as well, and always has a broad grin. Its appearance is quite cartoonish. As for its personality; Maneki-Neko is exceptionally jubilant and super friendly, and creates a sense of calmness, balance, and inner joy when its presence is felt. It seems to love to play games like video games, table top games, e.t.c. and will engage in these with you upon the astral plane.

Apparently, it has a castle in its own land situated in the higher parts of the astral realm. I haven’t visited there yet, but plan to do so the next time my physical body goes to sleep. I strongly encourage all mages to try working with this Egregore, since it can help you get out of many devastating and/or difficult situations in life without ever wanting anything in return. It can also help integrate your psyche pretty well and keep you psychologically balanced.

Give the conjuration I designed a try, and have fun with Maneki-Neko!

Thanks for reading and have fun conjuring.

  • Frater N.

A Maneki-Neko Conjuration

The Maneki-Neko “Beckoning Cat” is really helpful. This Egregore is one of the friendliest and most helpful you’ll come into contact with, and for good reason. Its Egregore is venerated in Japan by millions who see it as a good luck charm, and protector from misfortune. There are many Egregores that are venerated or simply believed in which mages can make use of, and I can highly recommend Maneki-Neko. You can read up more about it here.

The following conjuration is designed to bring good luck to the mage, and to keep misfortune at bay. An interesting note about this Egregore is that it can be safely contacted, as it has mostly positive attributes created in the minds of many, many humans worldwide.

It also does not require an offering. During contact, it seems indifferent toward offerings and appears to help regardless, but the mage may still desire to provide something. In general, I personally prefer to give offerings when requesting aid from most (but not all) non-human intelligences. It’s just my thing. Offerings which I have given in the past will be presented in the spell’s description.

Purpose: To attract general good luck and stave off misfortune. To provide general protection from harm.

Planetary attribution: Jupiter

Items needed: white candle, a cup of warm milk, cedarwood incense, white cardboard.

Sigil of Maneki-Neko


1.) Draw the sigil of Maneki-Neko (given below) on white cardboard in black ink.

2.) Prop up the cardboard in front of the white candle. The candle and cardboard should be placed in a part of the room which is in the direction of southeast. Beside the sigil/cardboard should be placed the cup of warm milk.

3.) Sit in front of the sigil and induce and form of trance/gnosis which you prefer.

4.) Perfom the conjuration as given below. The words in bold are barbarous words in Japenese which should be intoned.

The Conjuration

(Say the following words while simultaneously making the associated hand gestures/mudras. These are Kuji-In mudras which you can find here.)

Sha Rin Kai Kai Pyo Zen Kai Kai Pyo Jin

(intone three times) BANZAI MANEKI-NEKO!

I conjure you O’ Merry Cat of gladness and glee, I ask that you bestow blessings of comfort and joy to me. I gift you Miruku for your delight, that bounties of good luck and fortune to my life you will invite. (light candle) In your honor, I light this candle’s flame, that all manner of prosperity I may obtain.


O Great Kami of beneficence and protector from malevolence, fill me with your positive vibrations and guard me against all pestilence. Ward off the baleful, ward off the harmful, let the affairs of my life be peaceful.


O Maneki-Neko, cheerful divine cat who beckons to gifts of plentitude, raise your paws, and cast your spell to me, that an aura of attraction I may exude. To me attract bounties of prosperity and all that is good and balanced, while keeping far removed from me the evil and the unbalanced.


(intone three times) BANZAI MANEKI-NEKO

(place hands together and bow) ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA

Sha Rin Kai Kai Pyo Zen Kai Kai Pyo Jin

Let the candle burn out on its own (be careful and don’t let it burn anything!) or extinguish it after about 30 minutes to an hour. You may extinguish the incense or allow it to burn away on its own. Cover the milk with something, and remove it after 3 days. This conjuration can be performed weekly. As noted, Maneki-Neko seems indifferent to offerings and may help you regardless, so you can edit the conjuration to omit the offering.

Happy conjuring!

– Frater N.

Sigilize Everything for Magical Success

It’s important to keep the conscious mind out of magic. During a ritual, any conscious thought that has nothing to do with the ritual, or conscious thought about the ritual failing will ruin the spell. Most of the time. The human psyche is pretty complex and delightfully bizarre, so it’s hard to precisely say how much of a certain action is needed to make magic work properly. However, we do have some insights that allow us to make magic work sometimes. Sometimes, but not all the time—not in the same ways. But, sometimes is actually good when it comes to magic.

Unfortunately, magic does not work all the time. Well, when it comes to casting spells to affect change outside of ourselves—divination (information gathering via psychic means) can present much more repeatable and awesome results. But, let’s stick to the topic of enchantment. It’s way easier to cast spells of enchantment at oneself and achieve results that can be replicated, than it is to cast spells of enchantment at people (or objects) and gain repeated, good results. This is because when it comes to oneself (or oneselves) there are no problems with establishing a magical link. The mage only has to worry about entering into the necessary trance state and cutting out conscious thought. The link with oneself is already there. On the other hand, external stuff the mage might want to influence oftentimes have links that are outside of the mage’s microcosmic sphere. So then things like pieces of hair, nails, rocks, clothing, e.t.c., are necessary to psychically link to the target.

Skilled mages will always, where sensible, try to change themselves rather than changing external circumstances. A mage who is unemployed may, for example, cast a spell at themselves to become an intellectual genius in some field (this is easier to do than most might think) and use that intellectual prowess to create a magnificent portfolio of, say, websites that can be presented to prospective employers. The mage may also get investors on board with a super brilliant idea that came from their genius. Instead of casting a spell to get a job that pays a ton of money, the mage may cast a spell at themselves to learn a talent that will allow them to more easily make a living. The possibilites are huge.

With respect to gnosis (states of trance) it’s quite easy to come up with a personal technique for entering into such a state. As long as a mage is emotionally balanced, gnosis is something that can be easily explored and implemented. Going for a fast sprint (or any other form of quick, intense cardio) with a sigil in the pocket, and then focusing on it while exhausted—is a method I like to use. Gnosis is a method to prevent the conscious mind from thinking. Every action, word, and useful thought-process (e.g. imagining) needed for a ritual, should be done as automatically. There are practitioners of magic who who gain results seemingly without gnosis. The reason for this seems to stem from the fact that such individuals have sufficiently internalized the system they use, that they can automatically say, act, feel, and think only as required for that moment. Their belief in their system allows for a smooth application of whatever paradigm they acribe to. This is my theory.

However, until a mage has sufficiently internalized a particular system or method of doing magic—consciously meaningful words, actions, and thoughts should be omitted from spells. For best magical results, make everything into some sort of sigil, mantra, and mudra. Everything. I love evocations, which I am considerably proficient at—I realized very early on that visualizing an entity, summoning it, commanding it, and dismissing it, are inferior to visualizing its “form” as a sigil and interacting with it with mantras and mudras. In practice, conjurations recited in one’s native tongue are inferior to conjurations re-written in an unknown language—or better yet—sigilized or made into short mantras or mudras.

Do not take my word for it, try this: choose any entity from a grimoire, and instead of using conscious commands and conjurations, make everything into a sigil. I usually make three sigils; one to “call” the entity, one to state my desire to the entity, and one to dismiss it. Inbetween desire and dismissal, the entity may communicate via sensations that are felt. One will know the meaning of these sensations—I would describe it as a form of telepathic rapport where no words are necessary—either from the mage or entity. Try it, and you may find that your desires come to pass either more quickly (well, as quickly as the laws of nature will allow) and results may seem less like coincidences—and more like happy coincidences.

The same applies to invocation, where a sigil of the godform is painted on the skin, or visualized superimposed over the body—rather than visualizing the full godform. In divination, questions are formulated via sigils—in illumination, the desired self-change is sigilized as well. I use the same tri-sigil method for evocation for everything else that requires rapport with an external psychic intelligence; a sigil to contact a force, one to relay my will to it, and one to dismiss it.

I’ll go more in-depth about these techniques in other posts, but I’ll this one by saying; make your performance of magic automatic, and make everything into a mantra, mudra, or mandala (sigil) which have no conscious meaning. And of course, forget it all when you’re done. Your results will be much better this way.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe during this ongoing global epidemic.

– Frater N.